Dried abalones

We offer the world's best and most renowned 吉品鮑 from Yoshihama, Iwate Prefecture, as well as 網鮑 made from precious extra-large black abalones from Chiba Prefecture. Sizes range from a reasonable 30 頭(20g dry) to extra-large 8頭 (70g-75g dry).

Shark's Fin

The most luxurious shark's fin in Hong Kong is not boiled, but rather "scattered wings," in which all the excess material is removed. It is served in the finest top-grade soup and eaten like noodles, which is the Hong Kong style. We use the highest quality shark fins called "sea tiger fins" which are purchased in dried fins and carefully loosened.


Our specialty, crispy chicken. In Hong Kong, the best chicken is the one made from a local chicken called 龍崗鶏 . Since pure-blood 龍崗鶏 is not available in Japan today, we use a breed that is as close to the chicken's DNA and meat quality as possible to reproduce the authentic taste of Hong Kong.


Pigeon are not commonly eaten in Japan, but they are a major food in China and Europe. At our restaurant, we prepare fried pigeon from Guangzhou pigeons raised in Guangzhou, China. The skin is crispy , and the meat is juicy. Many of our customers who are familiar with Hong Kong prefer it to crispy chicken.

Fish Tumen (floating fish pouch)

The highest quality fish tumen is priced far above shark's fin. The fish tadpole is rich in collagen and has a wonderful firm texture and flavor. We usually serve it in a soup. If you order it, we can also prepare it in stewed form.

Suppon(soft shelled turtle)

Suppon has been used in Chinese cuisine since ancient times for its beauty and tonic effects. At our restaurant, soup made by hollowing out a winter melon and steaming it with suppon soup for several hours has become a summer tradition. Another of our chef's specialties is steamed suppon meat with Chinese herbal ingredients.