A Course

This is our standard course including fresh seafood and crispy chicken.
18,000 yen

B Course

A special course with the finest shark's fin and bird's nest.
25,000 yen

C course

Course B plus the world's best stewedabalone.
35,000 yen

*Tax and service charge will be added to the above prices.

Other dishes of your choice can be added to the course. We hope you will enjoy the course with your favorite arrangement.

Example of Special Menu

Braised shark's fin (海虎翅) in soup/stew
¥8,000 per person

Steamed grouper
¥9,000 for two

Raised Buddha's peak (special dry food soup)
¥45,000 per perso

Fried pigeon
¥4,500 per perso

Braised dried abalone
¥10,000 ~ ¥113,000

Braised special sea cucumber
¥8,000 per person
(Half size ¥4,000)

Fish Tumen (floating fish pouch) soup/stew
¥8,000 per person
(Half size ¥4,000)

Braised suppon
¥5,000 per person (minimum order of two)

Bird's nest stuffed with 絹笠茸 and soup
¥5,000 per person

Bird's nest dessert
¥4,000 per person

* Prices are for additional guests. If you would like to substitute the menu for the one in the course, we will adjust the difference.